Fabiana Philpott

Fabiana was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has always had an interest in art. After graduating with a degree in Textile and Fashion in 2011, Fabiana decided to take lessons in painting with Ito Kaoru, a well known Japanese painter, popular amongst the tattoo community in Sao Paulo. Inspired by some of her classmates, Fabiana saught a tattoo apprenticeship and began to work as a manager in a local tattoo studio. Fabiana's apprenticeship followed a rigid traditional system, where she provided services to her coworkers and clients for one year before she began to tattoo. Since then, Fabiana has worked as a tattooer in two studuios in Sao Paulo before meeting her husband Cody and moving to Canada. Together, they established North Shore Ink Tattoo in beautiful Lake Country, BC.

Fabiana is very open minded when it comes to tattoo design, but also believes it to be very important to carefully consider the final result of any design that is in the skin. She strives to be clear in her advice and accomidating in the process with her clients. If you are interested in booking a tattoo with Fabiana, please contact her at fabi@nsitattoo.ca.

Instagram: @hiromi.tattoo