After the tattooing is complete, your tattoo will be cleaned and bandaged. This bandage should be removed between 2-12 hours after the tattoo procedure. Your tattooer will give you more instructions in regards to when to remove your bandage.

Carefully remove the bandage and wash your tattoo with warm water and a mild soap and pat it dry with clean towel or paper towel. Do this twice a day, for a week.

Showering to wash your tattoo is good, but take caution in over-washing. DO NOT soak or submerge your healing tattoo in water (ie: pools, baths, lakes). DO NOT engage in any form of tanning or saunas. Try to avoid heavy exercise or activities which put strain on the part of body which your tattoo is placed. DO NOT shave over your healing tattoo for a couple of weeks. Constricting or abrasive clothing should not be worn directly on a tattooed surface for a few days in order to prevent irritation.

72 hours after your tattoo procedure, wash your hands and then apply a very thin layer of Lubiderm unscented lotion to your tattoo AFTER it’s been washed and allowed to dry completely. Lubiderm is available at any pharmacy in the Okanagan.

The skin over your tattoo will dry up/scab and then peel in about 1-3 weeks, depending on the tattoo performed. This is a normal stage of the healing process and is not a cause for concern. DO NOT pick at your tattoo or you can pull pieces of your tattoo right out. As the skin becomes very dry, more THIN LAYERS of Lubiderm are recommended, but no more than 3-4 times per day.

When it stops flaking/and or peeling, you will notice a shiny appearance to your tattoo. That shiny appearance of the new skin will go away in time and your tattoo will be completely healed. After your tattoo has healed please, always protect it with minimum 30 SPF sunscreen as this will help prevent fading of your tattoo.

Please feel free to ask your tattooer any questions about the aftercare instructions.

Sometimes we will provide different aftercare advice depending on the particular tattoo.